A Full Raise From the button: Trap Or Profit?

As you read this article, you will discover if the raise you made from the button was a trap or if you really hit the flop big.

When you consider the possibility of a big raise from the button, and the potential profit you could have made from it, it is always safe to assume the raise was a trap. The logic being that he would only raise with premium hands, usually hands like AK or AQ, and the casino is much weaker in the hands they usually raise with, than in the case where they flat call.

This of course makes perfect sense. If you look at the beginning of this article, you will note that I said ‘At this point, you have the best hand, so raising would be mathematically correct’. As you can see, because of the starting hand, a good raise almost always means a big re-raise. The hands he would raise with are premium hands, so why raise when you want the same thing he is raising with? That is the subject of another article.

Until then, my friend, I hope you have been well. Play lives with these cards and my explanation in the article. I promise you this:

There are also other hands he might raise with. The reason I mention these in the article, is because, all too often, players get too excited about their flush and creates a common poker mistake.

Players who are not familiar with betting, or reading their opponents, make the common mistake of raising with a hand they have no business raising, or flat calling a raise.

In other words, what you really want to do, in these situations, is call. Even though you have a good hand, it is still important to bet, in order to gain information, and to ease your release of the hand, should you actually catch what you are chasing.

The point is, a good raise and two or three other hands, the odds are he will have something at the end. And, in the case of a flop, a good raise can often entice other players to bet even more, creating yet another table scenario mistake.

All too often, I find my strong hands losing to cards like 6-6, 7-7, or 10-10. It is not because the hands are weak, it is because players get excited, and do not know when to quit. Usually, I am not at fault, in these situations. My 7meter is exactly the same with these hands, and should be the same for anyone.

So, my advice about raising, from the button is this:

  1. Do not get excited.
  2. Do not get addicted.

Most times, I am disappointed in these situations, because players who start liking their hand, and w stimulating themselves to think that they are doing ok, they sometimes get aggressive with their raises. That is the worst thing you can do. Typically in these situations, you want to simply get out, and conserve money for better opportunities.

Some players bend the rules a little bit, and then suddenly end up thinking they are alright. I can see how someone would say, “Well, I guess I played a bit loose from the blinds”, or “I wasn’t that aggressive”, or even “the table read me a lot better”. It happens to change your game, and really capitalize on a bad beat or some tired players.

You are now most likely very aware of how you can utilize this strategy, after having read this article.

Remember, the power is in your hands. Yes, you can and will win at the poker table with these kind of hands if you have the skill and know how to use your skill. Chop out the aces, and scoop the hoarded chips in the graveyard.

Put this into practice immediately, before you go on tilt and lose your cool. Make a list of how to trap an opponent, and moniker them accordingly. When you stack up aces, and are favored to win the hand, and you are in late position and no one bets, call a preflop raise. When someone raises with aces, and you know your going to win, raise them if you are favored.

It is generally never a good idea to try a new strategy every time, you need to study and practice, you can even print out this article and use it in the future if you want to. But trying out a new tactic every now and again, in an unequal varied way, might prove profitable. Just try it once in awhile, and you have a new found confidence.

Try it for a while, and you will see that almost all opponents will begin to play back, and you will be rewarded. Let them, and experience it first.