Best Way to Get Your Poker Room Cash Bonus

An online poker bonus is basically extra money offered to the player when he or she signs up for a room at a specific poker website. Learn how to get your poker bonus and never make a mistake when seeking your bonus again.

When you collect an online poker bonus at a poker site, usually you have to earn it, rather than just collecting it with your first deposit. If you are low skilled and just looking to play, you can collect an online poker bonus and never have to meet any type of playing condition. Most online poker sites want you to play poker so they can get their bonus.

How To Get Your Bonus

After signing for a bonus with your favorite online poker room, you are allowed to play with that bonus money as you would with real money. You are expected to play a certain number of raked hands, or points, before you can cash out.

You should know that poker bonuses are awarded based on number of hands played, amount wagered, and number of cards played. A bonus is paid on a per hand basis. If you for instance, play ten hands of $1/$2 limit holdem and collect a $100 bonus, you will be receiving $10 free money on the remaining $90 hands, so you are only spending $90 of your own money to collect the $100 in bonuses.

Online pokerlegenda want you to play lots of poker so they can issue you lots of free money to play with. I think this is a great way for online poker to attract new players. I may sound like an idiot making what I’m saying, but it’s true. Here’s another example: Let’s say I walk up to a table of three players and I have $90 on the table. I am playing at that table on my own and I am dealt some terrible cards. The first player folds, the second player calls, and I’m last to act. What I want to happen is for the player to fold the majority of his cards so I can grab the pot with the remaining cards.

These examples are not the same as real life poker, where the first player to act in a hand would most likely raise or push with the mediocre cards. In poker online, since the player last to act is always the player with the best hand, this actually gives the player giving the bonus a great opportunity to take down the pot even if I lose the hand.

Online poker bonuses work the same way in that way, the last person to act will always get the bonus. Since being the last to act is generally a tight player or a person who plays fewer hands, they can get a bonus and double up very fast if they are using a bonus.

Some online poker tables have bad players or more tight players which will not get bonuses. You can of course come up against these players, but they may not give you a chance to get a good hand at a time when you needed it.

Bonuses are a great way to build your bankroll, but you cannot rely on bonuses to make you rich quickly. Poker bonuses are helpful, especially before you risk too much of your own money. Take some time and look around at the many poker bonuses on the internet. Since they will be helpful to you, you will also have the extra time to evaluate other sites and find the best possible bonus offers for you.