Holdem Tactics – How I Played Holdem for the past Two Years

Two years ago I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be playing holdem for a living. I was working my butt off and trying to pay my rent and purchase food, when I had some luck I thought I’d hit it big playing holdem.

I played with some of the best in the poker world for about 6 months, I was consistently beating the best, earning great money in my pocket. I was barely breaking even. I was at my best at these tables, but I was terrible at the hardest part of playing poker – the variance. I was losing ever single session that I played, I simply knew that I was never going to break even with the best.

This had to stop. I knew that I could still be an amazing poker player, I could do so much more than just win money. I couldn’t keep having the same lifestyle that I was used to. I needed to learn how to win on every hand I played, I needed to learn how to read my opponents better and I needed to learn the plays to make. Heading into my third year of playing the game I had finally found the information and tools to compete with the best. I had the confidence and drive to learn how I needed to play.

Obviously, in some ways, becoming a great poker player is easier said than done. We all know that. But, it’s also true that there is a lot of hard work to be done in order to improve your game. And, if you really want to improve, you better learn a lot, a lot fast.

And when I say hard work, I actually mean study. Study like, every hand of Holdem. How do you study? By watching videos, by reading, by practicing. Okay, I know, you probably don’t have the time to do this, so here is an idea. Instead of you spending hours and hours reading, reading, and learning, why not do something else?

Instead of watching, why not set up your computer to automatically watch you while you play. Your opponents won’t know you are watching them, so you have the time you normally spend reading or playing to spend elsewhere.

It’s one of those things like playing in a big tournament, where you have a lot of things you can notice. Maybe you are in a big tournament, and a guy rolls by you on the turnabout and he’s got a big stack. (Yeah, I know I’ve written that twice before, but it happens, kids.)

So, you are at your best, and you are the deepstack. Some one raises, and you see a possible set on the flop. You could reraise, but with a big stack, many times you won’t and you’ll get called.

If you don’t know, check raise, is what I mean. If you are deep-stacked, you have many outs to outplay your opponents. You are able to make plays. Outs keep you in games. Experienced poker players will take every tiny advantage you will give them and turn it into Rtp Slot Gacor Hari Ini Live.

opinion and talent can turn a negative EV hand into a long run positive EV hand. With all of the information you have right now, you can probably make a decision to call or fold. Think of a long term gain, and use minimally possible situations to build your skill level.