How to Win Money Betting on Basketball

Have you seen the ads on the internet? Many claim to win 97% of the time. Do you believe them?

Even if you know the sport really well, you can be subject to the emotional ups and downs of betting. Let’s face it, placing a big bet on a team you know nothing about could either make for a very profitable day, or a devastating loss.

That’s why it’s important to develop your own approach to betting. If you follow the advice found on the internet, that advice could end up back here in your inbox the next day. So how do you develop good advice?

The keys involve researching the sports scene and identifying picks that are most likely to be winners. That doesn’t mean you are going to make a pick every time. That’s impossible. But if you learn how to spot potential winners, you can save yourself a lot of money and take home some extra cash.

One way to find potentially profitable picks is to look at the statistics behind the game. Basketball is a good example. Some of the statistics are simply incomprehensible. But some of the more important ones, especially when it comes to basketball, are very useful.

For example, Mike Wise of has an excellent NBA subscription. His plays are analyzed by someone who has run many advanced sports bets. His email picks are also good and he can tell you why teams are expected to win, even on papers as bad as the Pacers and the Lakers.

If you can follow directions, you can find the best plays. You don’t have to cover every game. But if you learn to identify the most likely winners, you can win a lot more than you lose. That’s a big secret I guess.

There are some games you just can’t find the picks for. For instance, the Pistons are playing the Bulls and the score is around the number. You might think the Pistons are going to crush the Bulls and the odds will be even. That can’t be occurred though unless the Pistons are better than the Bulls. You can’t look at the stats because the game doesn’t even mean anything without the Pistons and the Bulls.

The best way to win money betting on basketball is to have a big enough bankroll to support yourself. The more you have in your bankroll, the more bets you can place with your budget. The secret is to bet smaller amounts more frequently. Save yourself a lot of dough by risking an additional $10 on a game rather than 10 games at $300. This extra bet will win you a lot more games, but you will also need less money to win it.

Shooting under-season teams in a game are also a good bet. You might win a few games, and some of those will have high scoring.

Betting the over/under point total can be a little tricky. When you bet the over, the score normally is a lot higher than when you bet the under. When you bet the under, the score is a lot lower than when you bet the over. Usually a high number will indicate a lower number when you bet the over, and a low number indicates a higher number when you bet the under.

Betting the shooting percentage of a team is also a good way to have a little more accuracy. This is particularly true in college basketball. NBA teams that shoot a lot better from the field overall will have a better chance of beating their opponent on any given night. Betting the over/under point total is a good way to make these predictions.

The totals in basketball are symbols of something more than the scores. They are absolutely the ultimate scores yet they are very personal in nature. The totals in basketball often increase very sharply at the start of a tournament. You can make a strong prediction of the game with a high number standing in the middle. However, anything above the 20 mark is very potent in the basketball game.

If you intend to bet the totals in basketball, you can place your bet anytime you want, any day of the week. You can place your bet anytime of the week, during the season, if it is a home game of a division team playing against an easy schedule, or if it is a game against a team which will probably be not so easy to beat.